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Isolation Transformer


750 KVA, 11 KV Dry Type Air Cooled Transformer

Dry Type Auto Transformer


The dry type transformer does not require a liquid such as oil or silicone or any other liquid to cool the electrical core and coils. Dry type units utilize only environmentally safe, CSA and UL recognized high temperature insulation systems. Dry type transformers provide a safe and reliable power source which does not require fire proof vaults, catch basins or the venting of toxic gasses. These important safety factors allow the installation of dry type transformers inside buildings close to the load, which improves overall system regulation and reduces costly secondary line losses. Dry type transformers are voltage changing (Step-up or Step-down) or isolation device that is air cooled rather than liquid cooled. The transformer case is ventilated to allow air to flow and cool the coil (coils).

Our Transformer pass through the latest VPI process which give the highest mechanical strength and electrical insulation level. Our Transformer are guaranteed to give and efficiency of 99% in any adverse condition. We are specially selected core to minimizing stray losses and eddy current losses. Estimated life period of our transformer is 15 to 20 years.