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High Voltage Breakdown Tester



INPUT : 240 v, 1 ph, 50 hz

OUTPUT : 0 to 80 KV rating step-less variable with zerostart interlocking & audio-visual indication

CAPACITY : Standard rati is 100 m.a. Tripping current canbe select from the given taps (Standard taps are 25,50,75 & 100 m.a. In 100 m.a. Tester)

ACCURACY : +/- 3%

DUTY : Intermittent

TERMINATION : One and at earth potential and the other at H.T insulator


  • 3 ½ digit, calibrated digital K.V. meter reads the output s voltage with memory effect .
  • 3 ½ digit, digital M.A. meter to reads the leakage current.


  • MCB for protection against short circuit.
  • Instantaneous tripping circuit, having fast acting D.C. relays for positive de-energization of main power contactor to isolate the circuit if L.T. current exceed the rated current or H.T. current exceed the set current.
  • Protective resistance in H.V. side. The unit consists of two sub units viz.
    • Oil cooled transformer with first filling of oil
    • Desk type control panel or table top model panel
    • Interconnecting cable upto 3 meter length